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This image was painted at 12"x 12" @ 300 dpi with digital oil brushes.  An even larger version can be included with the file delivery(upscaled using a.i.) if needed.  The logo and border(if any) is only added to the provided sample for presentation purposes and to discourage theft. The art files will be delivered without that. 

Recommended for printing on virtually any media. Take note that deep blues will not print in standard cmyk. You have to use a higher end fine art print process to achieve a more broad array of colors.

This design is licensed as is. Any editing is considered a separate project.
Each option is available to one client only. A design cannot legally be used for any purpose other than for what the license is intended. 
Hand painted in Photoshop, Rebelle 6, Corel painter, or Artrage with a Cintiq.

3d sculpting was used with some designs.

Budget Design 486 - Lifetime Exclusive License