Frequently Asked Questions

1. How much do you charge for album covers?

Every project is different. I try to stay within the budget of each client. The cost has been $20/hr up to your maximum budget for several years. Since custom work always takes longer than designs in my store, i have to keep the bare minimum at $150 and up for the most basic work to make sure the quality is "passable". The only thing is that by helping you with cheap work, i hurt myself in the eyes of potential clients by looking less skilled than i actually am. So please keep that in mind.

I also require half down to start a project and then the rest when we're finished. We can keep the art abstract and painterly or get technical and make it huge and tightly rendered. That's up to you.

There's no limit to how big and detailed we can make the art. It's all a matter of time and effort.

2. Do you also design logos and t-shirts? I don't see any on your site.

Yes, even though that's not what i'm mainly into, i can make logos and line art for t-shirts. I treat every project the same way. Line art often takes longer than painting, so those designs are typically $3-400 and up. I'll also provide you with a vector of the logo and several colored versions with lighting and texture effects that i render with plugins such as Alienskin, Topaz labs, and Filterforge. 

3. What is the turn around time if i order a custom design from you?

That depends on how many projects are on my list. Usually within a month or 2, depending on your timing and what you're asking for.

4.How will i receive the print files from you?

I use a delivery service called Digital Pigeon and send you the formats you need manually after purchase. That gives me a chance to make sure you have what you need. By default i always send a .psd, .tif, and .jpeg of the artwork at 300 dpi or higher. I can send you virtually any format you want. All you need to do is ask.

5. I noticed you have different options for each design on your site. If i order a custom design do i have to only use it for a specific purpose?

Yes, i prefer that you only use the art for what we agree on. It wouldn't be fair for you to create an entire product line off of my work without providing proper compensation.

6. What medium do you use to create your art?


I'm mostly a digital painter now since 2008. I can also create custom originals upon request using acrylics, graphite, and colored pencils. It's not much different from digital. The only real difference is that the turnaround time with digital painting is much faster and digital art looks more enhanced, depending on how much time is put into it. And since the art is created directly in a digital format, there's no distortion and blur from cameras and scanners to worry about. That's why i switched.

7. What inspires your work?

My childhood consisted of watching vhs rentals and playing every Nintendo and Genesis game i could get a hold of. I was heavily influenced by all of the old classic horror, Saturday morning cartoons, and cheesy Fantasy/Scifi flicks. Stuart Gordon and Peter Jackson are two of my favorites. I also love how colorful and diverse video games are with the different environments and creatures. Artists like Dali and Giger were also very inspiring when i was younger. I'm also into mysterious occult subjects and drawn to nature.

As for as the work itself, sometimes i'm inspired by a color,shape,or texture. Art doesn't have to be conceptual. I've also been into metal music since the late 80's. I love a good album cover.