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Dizaina licencēšanas noteikumi un nosacījumi
& Bieži uzdotie jautājumi

1. How much do you charge for custom artwork?


Half down of your budget to begin via Paypal or Zelle (, or money order at $20/hr, tracked using OfficeTime. You also have the option to increase your budget to meet the look and quality desired.

Higher resolution/detail = Higher cost.


The minimum is $150 (8 hours) for quickly made designs(digital only). It was $500 because quality is important, yet the economy doesn't look great atm (covid + ai + toxic people = wreckage), so I'm changing the bare minimum back to $150 for now. $500 is around the budget of most bands I've worked with. The max price for art depends on your budget.  

Higher detail and customization increases the price.

Email me for me information at

I'll work on making a price chart for more clarity asap.

2. Do you also design logos and black and white t-shirts? I don't see any on your site.

Yes, I have made hundreds of logos and shirt designs.
Some logos have recently been listed here on the site.

3. What is the turn around time if I order a custom design from you?

That depends on how many projects are on my list. Sometimes within a day or two. Or if I'm backed up it can take a few months. The level of detail also determines how much time it will take.

4.How will I receive the print files from you?

I use a delivery service called Digital Pigeon and send you the formats you need manually after purchase. That gives me a chance to make sure you have what you need. By default i always send a .psd or .psb, .tif, .jpeg, and .png of the artwork at 300 dpi or higher since those formats are best for printing. I can send you virtually any format you want. All you need to do is ask.

5. I noticed you have different options for each design on your site. If i order a custom design do i have to only use it for a specific purpose?

Yes, I prefer that you only use the art for what we agree on. It wouldn't be fair for you to create an entire product line off of my work without providing proper compensation. If you want art that's only for your band and no one else, we can arrange that, or you can ask for something custom. I will honor that exclusivity, although I may want to offer prints of that art down the road.

6. What medium do you use to create your art?

I'm mostly a digital painter now since 2008. If you want a traditional painting, we can do that too. 

7. Do you only create art digitally or do you also make traditional drawings and paintings?

I was only painting digitally for years, since 2014. I'm about to switch back to traditional painting and drawing more.

8. Are you for or against AI art, and do you use it?

I tried it when it first emerged and have decided that its an insult to real artists, so I'm not using it now. Faster does not mean better. Quite the opposite, in fact.

9. Why do you use the name MINDRAPE ART as part of your brand ? I find it offensive and think you should change it.

In case you haven't noticed, I've been making art for extreme metal bands for years. I was even a drummer in a brutal death metal band in the 90's called Execration, which means to curse everything. Most metal bands can be considered offensive, and the sound of the music is grating to most people(ear rape). Why don't you ask them to change their sound and lyrics? I'm sure they'll have a good laugh. If you're worried that my association with metal bands will hurt your image, find someone else.

10. Are you against any type of people? I'm this type of person and I think this, so I think you should agree with me, or else.

You are you and I am me. As long as you're not hurting anyone, I don't care what you think or do. That's your business.

If you think I need to conform, then you can take that somewhere else.



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