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Terms and conditions for  purchasing a premade design license.

Logos and titles can be added to the art for free. If you want multiple logo placement options there will be an hourly fee.

​Simply send me an email with your logo and instructions after purchase.

 Changes to designs may be possible, depending on the request. 

Purchasing one of these design options gives you full rights to use the image for that purpose without limitation.

If there's a product you intend to use the art for which isn't listed, you can contact me about it.

The "Other" option listed in the product menu does not apply to any type of music project.

Note; If you see a design option that is greyed out for the license you want, you can choose the other "option" and we can create another design similar yet different to the one that is already sold for the same price. If you do so, please send me a message to let me know and i'll make a new design and email you a sample for your approval before i deliver the full size files. This is not considered custom work for a fixed price, so if you need something added or changed to what i present to you, that will cost extra.

Commercial rights to each design option will not be sold again for the same purpose. That means that if a band is using the art, no other band will be able to use this art again. Each license is exclusive to each business type. If you run a music podcast or magazine(for example),

the license falls under band package since your business is music related. I repeat, no one within the same business can use the same image.

Since I am not requiring royalties at this time unless its arranged by you, I (the artist) reserve the right to offer prints. Anyone that has conflict with this can arrange to compensate with royalties.

If you want exclusive usage of the art, we can arrange that by email. If one or more options are already sold, exclusivity is no longer available.

I will not sign over authorship of the artwork under any circumstances. All art listed on this website is created solely by Mark Cooper.

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